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Early Childhood Online Course Stage 1&2

Event Date:  29/09/2020-02/10/2020

Research consistently links music and movement activities to supporting learning and development in early childhood education. We know that music can activate the brain for learning; trigger positive emotion; enhance physical development, social skills; build self-esteem and confidence; aid wellbeing and self-regulation and should be an important part of every high quality early childhood program.

20 HOUR COURSE (Stage 1 and Stage 2):

This four-day course includes the full range of delightful rhymes, games, songs, folk dances, creative movement, musical stories, world music, percussion instrument activities, drumming, recorders, ukuleles and creative play for 3-8 years.


  • To learn how to teach and create a music and movement program, with sample lesson plans for 3-8 years for two whole terms!
  • Ideas on how to build teacher confidence
  • To understand the research and benefits of music and movement
  • To learn how to use transition songs between activities
  • How to incorporate puppets, props and visuals
  • New ways to enhance learning across the curriculum
  • Hands on and practical activities that focus on creativity
  • To understand links between music and maths, literacy and other subjects
  • To develop classroom management strategies
  • Active and enjoyable music making that is appealing, inclusive and easy to teach
  • Learn how to drum, play the descant recorder and the ukulele
  • ‘Orff Schulwerk’ principles that will inspire, excite and motivate children to remember, understand and love music
  • How to evaluate music and movement
  • Peer teaching assessment – each participant is to present a musical item to the group
  • The opportunity to become a ‘Welcome to Music’ licensed teacher

We will once again be running our Stage 1 and Stage 2 Welcome to Music Early Childhood courses online in September 2020 and this is where you will find the gold you need to change children's lives forever! These courses include a range of delightful rhymes, games, songs, folk dances, creative movement, musical stories, world music, percussion instrument activities, drumming, recorders, ukuleles, and creative play.

The strategies contained in the courses will link to critical aspects of a child’s development and will inspire teachers and educators to embed quality musical activities and experiences into children’s programs. These courses are suitable for all educators working with young children – no prior music experience is necessary.

Links to Australian Professional Standards for Teachers 1.1, 2.1 Knowledge; 3.2, 3.4 Practice; 6.2 Engagement

Links to the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) which describes five learning and development areas, where children:

  • have a strong sense of identity
  • are connected with and contribute to their world
  • have a strong sense of wellbeing
  • are confident and involved learners
  • are effective communicators

Links to the Australian Curriculum – The Arts

Content descriptors: ACAMUM080, ACAMUM081, ACAMUM082, ACAMUM083

Capabilities: Critical and Creative thinking, Personal and Social, Intercultural Understanding

Links to Quality Standard - QA 1, QA 2, QA 5

Your registration includes comprehensive course notes, course recordings and certificate of attendance

Previous attendees - If you have previously completed any of our EC courses, you can enrol for a refresher and pay just 50% of the course fee. Please contact our office for full details of these offers.

Scholarships - a limited number of scholarships are available. Please contact our office for further details

ABOUT THE PRESENTER: Susie Davies-Splitter (M.Ed.) is a qualified music and movement educator, accredited Orff trainer, musician, award-winning composer and twice past President of the Victorian Orff Schulwerk Association. She currently teaches children from 5-8 years in a Melbourne school. Susie and husband Phil run their own successful music education business, ‘Welcome to Music’, providing resources for Early Childhood and Primary teachers. They also present music programs for preschoolers, Artist in School programs, concerts and teacher training around the world.

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