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For Children & Families

In these fun, value packed shows, workshops and concerts, Susie and Phil involve families and kids through song, body percussion, improvisation, movement and dance, with an emphasis on participation and fun.

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Children’s and Family Music Workshops

In these fun, value packed concerts and workshops, Susie and Phil involve families through song, body percussion, improvisation, movement and dance. Participants will be invited to play a variety of percussion instruments. This features Susie on keyboards and vocals and Phil on guitars, vocals and percussion. Be razzled and dazzled with the magic of interactive music!

Family Concert

Enjoy fabulous entertainment with performers Susie and Phil who perform their original and other material at the piano and guitar with lilting vocals, beautiful harmonies, percussion instruments, syncopated rhythms, improvisation, some accappella singing and messages of life. Their repertoire includes ballads, jazz, chants, rounds and up tempo tunes. They invite the audience to participate with group singing in a warm and friendly way.

You’ll sing, dance, laugh, join in and have loads of fun. This delightful music is both entertaining and empowering as it uses positive lyrics, catchy melodies and loads of humour, which you will find as irresistible as you will enjoyable! For the young and young at heart!

Children’s Music Shows

‘Welcome to Music’ Show - 3 Versions and age appropriate for large groups of kids 70 - 250

  • For 3 – 5 year olds
  • For 5 – 8 year olds and
  • For 8 – 12 year olds

A joyous celebration of music making

Lots of fun in an entertaining and educational setting. The children are involved in music

making through songs, rhymes, role play, playing instruments, laughter, movement and dance and improvisation. Performance based and interactive.

Drum Circles - Whack, bang, Crash

Play marimbas, xylophones, djembes, drums, metal, shaking and scraping instruments.
Incorporate singing, moving. playing and improvising – you’ll find it a real ‘hit’
Includes games, creative activities and heaps of fun to promote team work and communication.

Equipment requirements (if out of our area)

  • PA system – including 2 speakers, 2 microphones and stands – operator if possible – particularly needed for the concert
  • Well tuned piano or good quality 88 note keyboard
  • Good quality and powerful CD player
  • A range of non melodic and melodic percussion instruments
  • 3 large tables
  • Access to power points – electrical outlets
  • Name tags for all students


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