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Early Childhood workshop DVD
New Story books and soft toys
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Welcome to.... all our Musicnotes readers and particularly to any new subscribers. Welcome also to our new look enews - and yes we have a new look website too that we're finally ready to show off. We invite you to take a test drive and let us know what you think. It is a work in progress and we do welcome any comments you might have to help us provide a site that is easy to navigate and has the things on it you want. Our website and this enews is for you, so do let us know what you would like to see.

Yours in harmony,

Susie & Phil

What's new?

Our new website of course - but not just because it's new. We've also added some great new early childhood resources we hope you will find useful. 'Welcome to Music in Early Childhood' is a 60 minute plus DVD showing Susie and Phil presenting a workshop in Singapore with a special bonus 'Why Music' section. This DVD is suitable for teachers and carers with kids up to 8. Plus we have added 2 new illustrated story books and soft toys to accompany the 'Funkey Monkey' story book and soft toy we've had for some time. We even have video clips of us in action! So read on and see for yourself.....

Early Childhood workshop DVD

Our long awaited early Childhood workshop DVD with songs, rhymes, dances instruments and musical stories is finally available. Filmed in Singapore with 20 willing teachers this dynamic DVD, 'Welcome to Music in Early Childhood' will take you through a step by step instructional process for 15 of our original and exciting activities and then show them in full workshop mode so you can see them in action for yourself. It's just like having Susie and Phil in your own loungeroom! Plus a special 'Why Music' bonus where Susie shares her valuable insights on the importance of music education for young children. Click here to find out more.

New Story books and soft toys

You can now purchase illustrated story books and beautiful soft toys for 'The Fireman's Barbeque' off 'Rainbows, Trees and Tambourines' and 'Rocket Sam' off 'Move it!' Each book comes with a CD with the story and song and any of these will make a welcome addition to the preschool or kinder classrooms. Plus....we also have a large book for the teacher to read at the front of the class which will make music and story time even more exciting and captivating for your kids. Click here to find out more.

What's been happening?

We have recently been to Perth and Adelaide to conduct PLAYshops so a big hi to all our subscribers from the west and in South Australia. We have started adding video clips of workshops just to give you an idea of how we do what we do. These first 2 clips are just short excerpts of us presenting at the recent ASME workshop in Adelaide, South Australia. Click here to view

Our Musicnotes featured article

More than Music - A study of improvisation and life skills through an Orff based course for music teachers and therapists, written by Susie as part of her Master of Education thesis. Click here to read this fascinating article

What's coming up?

We are getting very excited about our forthcoming 'Double up' tour this Spring - where we will be presenting a series of PLAYshops around Australia with the fabulous Lynn Kleiner of 'Music Rhapsody' fame in the USA.

Together with Lynn we will be presenting full day workshops for early childhood and primary in many cities in Australia, and you will be able to work with all of us for the day. This is a FUNtastic opportunity for you to be exposed to not just one but two (Susie and Phil count as one together) experienced presenters. See the flyer or our full calendar for locations, dates, registration and information about this and other events happening in your area.

Make sure you book early to take advantage of the great earlybird and group offers! - Ends July 31 so register now!

Also in Melbourne in August is the 13th ECCPA – Early Childhood Conference of Performing Arts – 22nd & 23rd August

Guest Presenter Werner Beidinger (Germany) Click here to view the brochure and registration form

Also Phil will be presenting his popular presentation 'I'm not stressed-I always look like this' -a light hearted look at stress, at 'The Diamond Valley and Eltham Kindergarten Teachers Association' conference (DEKTA)on August 28th as a fun interactive workshop, and then as a keynote for the Monash Childcare Conference on August 1st.

Meanwhile Susie will be presenting Orff level courses in Singapore and Hong Kong in late July/early August....

Orff level 1 course, Singapore
Presenters – Susie Davies-splitter & Sarah Brooke

Brought to you by Pat’s Schoolhouse
Mon 27th - Fri 31st July 2009
9am – 5.30pm
Arena Country Club
511 Upper Jurong Road
Singapore 638366

For further details, please contact: Christina Teh
Phone: (+65) 9349 0098
Fax: (+65) 6282 7270
Email: contact@patschoolhouse.com

click here for more information and to register

Orff conference Hong Kong
Presenters – Susie Davies-splitter & Sarah Brooke
Brought to you by HOSA – Hong Kong Orff Association
Wed 5th - Fri 7th Aug 2009

For further details, please contact:
May Tan maytan.lai@gmail.com
susie@welcometomusic.net OR details in chinese at

Planning for 2010 and beyond?

We would love to be involved in your planning and programs so please keep us in mind when planning your events for the future. We can offer a range of great services including:

  • Professional development 'PLAYshops'
  • Preschool classes
  • Music shows for preschool and primary
  • Family concerts
  • Choral days
  • Community Drum circles - for students, families and teachers
  • Artists in School programs - from one day to a whole term
  • 'MusiKeynote' presentations for seminars and conferences on a variety of topics including the popular 'I'm not stressed - I always look like this!' great for openings and closings, or as a great interactive and fun workshop
  • Composition of school songs..... and more....please contact us for further information.

What people are saying

"We loved Susie and Phil at Broadmeadows SDS. They were great with the students and able to adapt the music and activities to meet the varying needs of the students.
Feedback from classroom teachers was glowing. They were really happy with the way that Susie and Phil related to the students, and the students participated well because they were engaged. Susie and Phil were great, and we would have them back any time."
Louise Docherty, Music Therapist, Broadmeadows Special Developmental School

"Hi Phil and Susie, I received ‘Sing Jam and Jive’ today.
What a wealth of material I don’t know where to start, but I will tomorrow as soon as I go to school.
I love the variety both in the content of the songs and their applications in the class, from simple stamp and clap to complicated improvisation. Thank you so much. An inspiration for me and my students"
Jocelyn Lowinger, Music teacher , Melbourne

"I bought this book when I was in San Jose for the Orff conference and finally got around to using it this week. My first graders absolutely loved the ‘Scooby Doo’ song and you would have loved watching them learn ‘Sing to the Heavens Above’. In one class, one of the boys must be the child of a music minister. He just took over and lead the whole class in appropriate gestures. Thank you for providing such a wonderful resource for younger students to experience jazz." Sarah Miller, NBCTMusic Specialist, Bryson Elementary, Simpsonville, SC USA

"I love, love, love Sue and Phil Splitter's books and cds. Bought their entire series. They are an entertaining couple from Australia. My current big time hits are ‘Fuzzy the Clown’ and ‘Luna Lagoon’. I have a Time Life Book on Animals from Down Under. This works well with ‘Luna Lagoon’ where they cite an animal and an instrument like a saxophone will play as the kids dance around." Ellie Wong, USA

"Hi Phil and Susie
I taught the song ‘Old Shoes Blues’ with 4 year olds and Preps and Grade Ones using different challenges. They all went away singing. We used instruments to play the little riffs and different groups stood up and sat down as they played, just like a jazz band. Of course they love to dance to it as well.
I also taught 'Imagine If' and the classes just loved it, felt the sentiment right away and sang it with reverence. I used the signs to teach the words to the preps without giving them the printed words.
'Hey Yo' presented a real challenge with the e d c b ,keeping it in the time. The children loved the scatting.
The beauty of these songs is that in the Orff tradition, you can take on more challenges for higher levels within the song.
Thanks for my weeks lessons."
Jocelyn Lowinger, Music teacher , Melbourne

Ask Susie

If you have a question or comment you'd like to share about music education please 'Ask Susie' as she will be more than happy to share her wealth of knowledge and experience. She has recently been awarded her Master of Education from the University of Melbourne,so she knows everything there is to know...well a lot anyway! Please feel free to email susie with your question or comment. If you are happy and we feel is an issue others will be interested in we might like to include it in a future enews.

Phil's PHILosophy

Yes he was weird and the title 'Wacko Jacko' was pretty accurate - especially in the last few years but I think it is still worth noting the passing of an extremely gifted and talented music icon; one who not only wrote and performed some fabulous songs but someone who thrilled us all with his incredible dancing. Michael Jackson has certainly left a great legacy and I hope that over time he will be remembered more for his contribution to music than his weirdness. Anyone who can inspire our kids to want to sing and dance is alright with me. Besides, us creative types are all a bit weird aren't we?

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