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Welcome to....all our regular readers and particularly to any new subscribers to this Musicnotes for September. Spring is in the air (well here in Oz anyway) and we are about to head off on our 'Double Up' tour with the fabulous Lynn Kleiner from the USA. So for those of you who have registered for one of these music PLAYshops we look forward to seeing you and for those who haven't yet -there are still a few places left. See below for more information or click here to view the flyer /registration form

Otherwise we hope you enjoy this edition of Musicnotes - in particular make sure you read the featured article by Richard Gill about the importance (or lack) of music in our classrooms.

Yours in harmony,

Susie & Phil

What's new?

In our last edition we mentioned we had some great new resources including beautifully illustrated story books to go with some of our musical stories off our albums - such as 'The Fireman's BBQ', "Rocket Sam' and 'Funkey Monkey'. We also now have gorgeous soft toys of these characters plus a beautiful 'Fuzzy the Clown' collar for children to wear so they can be Fuzzies themselves. Plus.... It's silly,it's outrageous, it's fun and it's available now! Our much anticipated 'Here comes Funkey Monkey' DVD - a one hour musical adventure featuring many popular 'Welcome to Music' songs and activities. Click here to view all these great new products.

What's been happening?

Phew! It's been the usual mad dash from one thing to another but it's also been wonderful to have so many opportunities to share our music with lots of lovely people. Earlier this year in May we had the privelege of being invited to Alice Springs by our good friend Sally Westaway to perform 2 concerts for young children that she organised for us, which were lots of fun and we even got our pic in the local paper! Then we went on a real adventure tour ending up in a little town called Hermannsburg (The birth place of Albert Namatjira) where we did an outdoor concert for the kids at the local school. This was a real treat for us (and hopfeully the kids too) and we want to extend our thanks to Sally, her husband Glen and their lovely daughter Sarah for their wonderful hospitality and for organising this trip for us. We are looking forward to catching up with them again in October when we are back in Alice as part of our 'Double Up' tour.

Meanwhile, Susie was kept busy during July and early August, firstly attending a Dance and Movement in education course in Sydney and then co-presenting at an Orff level 1 course in Singapore and three day Orff conference in Hong Kong with Sarah Brooke, also from Melbourne. Meanwhile Phil wasn't just resting on his laurels as he presented his 'I'm not stressed -I always look like this' presentation as a keynote at one conference and a 90 min workshop at another.

In August we were also involved in the 13th ECCPA (Early Childhood Conference of the Performing Arts) here in Melbourne, presenting and networking with over 200 delighted attendees and each year this fabulous Early childhood conference just keeps getting better and better.

Singapore Orff level 1 course and Hong Kong 2nd Orff Conference - reports by Susie

On Sat 25th July, 2009, I left Melbourne for Singapore to meet up with Sarah Brooke from Melbourne and embark on a musical adventure. Sarah and I were privileged to be invited to present the first Level 1 Orff Course in Singapore accredited through ANCOS (Australian National Council of Orff Schulwerk) to 23 participants from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and China. Click here to read more...

‘Dance and Movement in Education’ Course – July 2009
From the 8th to the 12th of July in Sydney at the dance studio at Uni of NSW 15 ‘Orff’ teachers from around Australia participated in the first ANCOS (Aus. National Council of Orff Schulwerk) accredited Orff ‘Dance and Movement in Education’ course. Click here to read more...

To see more pics of all the action in Sydney, Singapore and Hong Kong click here.

Our Musicnotes featured article

Music Education in Australia –Richard Gill
Melbourne Age & Sydney Morning Herald, August 2009

Your children are being discriminated against if they are not receiving a well planned and properly taught music program at their schools. They are being denied all sorts of educational opportunities and are being placed at a disadvantage when compared with the relatively small number of children who do receive good music education in Australia. Click here to read the full article

What's coming up?

'Double Up OZ Workshops'

We are getting very excited about our forthcoming 'Double up' tour this month and next - where we will be presenting a series of PLAYshops around Australia with the fabulous Lynn Kleiner of 'Music Rhapsody' fame in the USA.

Together with Lynn we will be presenting full day workshops for early childhood and primary in many cities in Australia, and you will be able to work with all of us for the day. This is a FUNtastic opportunity for you to be exposed to not just one but two (Susie and Phil count as one together) experienced presenters. See the flyer or our calendar for locations, dates, registration and information about this and other events happening in your area. Not many places left so register now!

Bendigo PLAYshop - On Mon Oct 26 we will be presenting ‘Making Positive Connections’- music for children with special needs workshop at the Bendigo Special Developmental School from 4pm till 6.00pm. Click here for flier and registration form

'Music Count us in 2009' in Victoria

From the Project officer for 'Music Count us in 2009':

The day for Music Count Us In is approaching- week 3 next term. If you are looking for easy and fun ways to teach the song you could join our wiki.

Just follow this link http://musiccountusin.wikispaces.com . Simply log in, and there will be a box to request membership. The wiki is updated regularly, so stay in touch.

On the wiki so far are lessons on teaching the song, boomwhackers, ukuleles, dance, African drumming and vocal warm-ups. Coming soon are concert band ideas, rock band lessons and percussion suggestions. Feel free to comment on the wiki or give suggestions for what you would like to see next.

We are currently planning free PD sessions to help you with ideas. If you would like to come to one, just send an email to Sally Walsh - walsh.sally.j@edumail.vic.gov.au and she'll let you know when there is one in your area.

Don't forget to be counted in! Register your school on www.musiccountusin.org.au

The Trish Ford Memorial Professional Learning Scholarship - Victoria

The members of Committee of Management of the Association of Music Educators (Vic.) are deeply saddened by the passing of Patricia Ford on 4 February 2009. Trish has made a profound contribution to music education in Victoria over many years and her colleagues and students will cherish the memory of her dedication to music education. Trish was a member of the aMuse committee of management for over 10 years. It has been a privilege to know her and we will miss her.

In memory of Trish Ford, aMuse has instituted the ‘Trish Ford Memorial Professional Learning Scholarship’. The scholarship amount of $1500 will be awarded to a new teacher in his or her first 5 years of teaching. The scholarship will provide funds for the successful candidate to attend a major professional development event such as a national or international conference. Interested candidates should complete the application form and return to aMuse no later than Monday 9 November 2009.

Please contact aMUSE for more info and/or application form. (Digest members may download the form from the aMuse website)

Association of Music Educators (Vic) Inc 150 Palmerston Street CARLTON Victoria 3053 AUSTRALIA

Phone +613 9349 1048 Fax + 613 9349 1052 Kevin.kelley@amuse.vic.edu.au www.amuse.vic.edu.au

Planning for 2010 and beyond?

We would love to be involved in your planning and programs so please keep us in mind when planning your events for the future. We can offer a range of great services including:

  • Professional development 'PLAYshops'
  • Preschool classes
  • Music shows for preschool and primary
  • Family concerts
  • Choral days
  • Community Drum circles - for students, families and teachers
  • Artists in School programs - from one day to a whole term
  • 'MusiKeynote' presentations for seminars and conferences on a variety of topics including the popular 'I'm not stressed - I always look like this!' great for openings and closings, or as a great interactive and fun workshop
  • Composition of school songs..... and more....please contact us for further information.

What people are saying

Hi Susie,
My name is Sharon Hayman from Shellharbour in Wollongong. You probably wont remember me but we have met a couple of times at some courses, the most recent last year at a drumming course in Sydney. I am writing to let you know of the success of “Funkey Monkey” in our school. I recently introduced this as a part of my lessons on rhythm and singing to the junior school then into the middle and senior school where all the students loved singing and improvising beats, scatting and instruments.

In small groups children were asked to develop a scat rhythm to the beat of the music then adapt actions and percussion instruments in a group to perform ….. 9/10 groups were very enthusiastic and loved what we had designed. The juniors have designed actions with the song for our junior music festival in September. Thanks for a great song.

Sharon Hayman, Shellharbour, NSW

Hello Phil and Susie
In June I was very lucky to be sent to Adelaide to the ASME one day conference at Rose Park. It was a fun step in my journey back into the world of Music Teaching having been absent for 8 years.
By sent I actually mean my boss showed me the promo. and I jumped in the air screaming "Yes please yes please!".

I participated in your 'Take Orff with Improvisation ' workshop and felt like I had been doing it since I could walk.
Playing drums for the small group improv. session based on
Old Shoe Blues. almost left me shopping for a kit the next day! I loved it!
Now I am successfully passing on the enthusiasm for creativite teaching back at school.
With the handouts available I have been able to implement great strategies in the classroom based on your very clear examples. I have also been inspired to write my own songs based on the simplicity of what you demonstrated. Failure proof!
The students lap up the chance to include their own lyrics and vocal suggestions. WE are all engaged and the teachers are thriving on the knowledge.
My most memorable part of the June conference was learning and singing the parts of
Imagine If.

Sincerely & Thanks

Mrs Tresma Strelan
Renmark SA

Susie & Phil were absolutely fantastic, their concert was bright and boppy and lots of fun. The Residents loved it, we’ll definitely have them back again. Thank you so much for organising them for us.

Karen, Co-ordinator, Coppin Community Royal Freemason’s Aged care centre, Melbourne

Ask Susie

If you have a question or comment you'd like to share about music education please 'Ask Susie' as she will be more than happy to share her wealth of knowledge and experience. She has recently been awarded her Master of Education from the University of Melbourne,so she knows everything there is to know...well a lot anyway! Please feel free to email susie with your question or comment. If you are happy and we feel is an issue others will be interested in we might like to include it in a future enews.

Phil's PHILosophy

For this edition I have chosen two great You tube clips and a crazy little 'brain teaser' that I came across recently. I hope you enjoy them...

This is a brilliant little demo of the pentatonic scale by Bobby Mcferrin, if you haven't seen it already.


Michael Jackson songs like you've never seen or heard them before


Colour Test

These are the things we're supposed to do to remove the cholesterol around our brain and try to slow up Alzheimer's Disease.. It took me 2 times before I could finally tell this brain of mine to concentrate. A great test, do it until you get 100%!

It takes an average of 5 tries to get to 100%. Simply follow the directions

A brain waker-upper for today!

Click here to start

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