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New resource - 'Stop and Wait'
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Singapore - Orff level courses & MUSAIC
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Hi John Smith,

Welcome to our April edition of 'Musicnotes' and we hope you are enjoying your teaching or whatever world of music you are involved in for 2010.

In this edition we have included information about the forthcoming music book for our very popular resource on inclusion 'Your Stage'. Since 'Your Stage' became available last year we have had many requests from teachers for the notated music. We have been busy little beavers putting this together and we have even included an activity for you to have a play with. See 'My Friend Fuzzy' below for details

Plus some info on other new resources as well as an opportunity for you to attend a 'Welcome to Music' PLAYshop for free.

And of course a couple of funnies from Phil in his 'Phil's PHILosophy' section.

FInally check us out on our FACEBOOK page - yes Janie our office manager has dragged us kicking and screaming into the 21st century - albeit about a decade late!! Click here to sign up to become a 'Welcome to Music' fan

Yours in harmony,

Susie & Phil

'Your Stage' Music book- New resource

In response to many teacher's requests we are producing a music book - with lyrics and notated music for all the songs off our popular inclusive resource 'Your Stage'. This will be as an accompaniment to the excellent text written by Mary Brake and will be available shortly. To find out about 'Your Stage' click here.

The 'Your Stage' music book will be available shortly - we'll let you know as soon as it is ready.

'My friend Fuzzy'

'My friend Fuzzy' from 'Your Stage' is a specially composed song for early childhood that was written as a follow up to the evergreen 'Fuzzy the Clown' from 'Rainbows, Trees and Tambourines'

So you can have a look and a play we have included the notated music from the soon to be released music book for 'Your Stage' as well as notes from the original text by author Mary Brake.

Click here to view

New resource - 'The Tiny Caterpillar'

Taken from 'Rainbows Trees and Tambourines' this beautifully illustrated story book will captivate readers young and old. Comes with a CD with the track off the album. Click here to order.

This exciting new resource is part of our new range of illustrated story books, soft toys and DVDs which are proving very popular in our early childhood market. Other titles include: 'Rocket Sam', 'The Fireman's Barbeque' and 'Funkey Monkey'.

For these titles you can also purchase a teacher's version of the book which is large enough to show children from the front of the classroom.

Click here to view the entire range of story books, dolls and DVDs

New resource - 'Stop and Wait'

Using appropriate songs from our 'Welcome to Music' series we are compiling a new early childhood resource called 'Stop and Wait!', in conjunction with Mary Brake from Launceston, who wrote the wonderful text for 'Your Stage'.


An understanding of ‘STOP’ is critical for the safety of all children.

As understanding grows and ‘STOP’ is practised, an automatic response can usually be developed to this command. Some children have difficulty comprehending that not all areas of their environment are safe, and an understanding of ‘STOP’ is critical for such children. Some children benefit from boundary training to build their awareness of where their ‘safe space’ is and where it ends. Where is the boundary between safe and unsafe? The boundary might for example run along the fence line at the end of the garden, or the school yard. Within such comprehensions is embedded an understanding of ‘STOP’.....click here to read more.

'Stop and Wait' is now available. Click here to order

Have your say

We are looking at recording an album of Aussie songs - from traditional folk tunes through to our own 'Dinky Di Aussie' and 'The Green and the Gold' to mention but a couple and we would like to give you the opportunity to tell us what songs you might like to see (or hear) on this album.

So if you have any favourites that you would just love to see 'make the cut' please contact us

What's been happening

In March we headed up north to present an Artists in School program for students at Corinda Primary school in Brisbane, Queensland. It was a great week culminating in 2 big concerts for junior and senior students.The theme was 'Harmony' and given the large multicultural mix of students at the school it was very well represented. For the concerts the kids (and teachers) came in costumes relating to many different cultures and it was a sight (and sound) to behold. Click here to see some more pics from the concerts.

(By the way the pic at the top of this newsletter shows Corinda's resident music specialist, Ian Philips with an enthusiastic student at the concert)

We also presented a PLAYshop for the general classroom teachers and it was very pleasing to see so many attend and join in - well done to all of them!

Singapore - Orff level courses & MUSAIC

In June there are 2 big weeks of music happening in Singapore. From the 14th to the 18th Susie will be there along with Christoph Maubach and Sarah Brooke to present Orff levels 1 and 2. Click here to view flyer.

Then the following week we will be part of 'MUSAIC' –an international music conference encouraging active participation through singing, playing, moving and improvising. Providing all the necessary tools to teach music simply and effectively at any level and featuring world class presenters from around the globe.

For what else is happening in the world of music education click here to view our 2010 calendar, which is updated regularly

Attend a PLAY shop for free

We are always looking for venues to present PLAYshops around Melbourne; in particular we are looking to do some evening Preschool workshops so if you think your preschool or kinder might offer a good space and maybe some percussion instruments, we would love to hear from you.

In return we are happy to provide up to 2 free registrations. Please contact us if you are interested.

How can we make your life easier?

As many of you already know our philosophy is all about 'making teaching music easy and fun!' So we have created resources and provide services with this in mind and we invite you to spend a few minutes browsing our website as we feel sure we can offer you the tools to create a simple and effective music program - regardless of your background or experience. Click here to browse our website or click here to contact us if you have a specific enquiry. Remember we are here to help.

What people are saying

“We played your CD ‘Funkey Monkey’ everyday. We danced to it and loved it. In the end, we girls just wanted to dance to the "Fairy and Elephant" Dance. That's what we called it anyway because of the actions. The real name is Lo Yisa Goy. And every morning we danced to the Bossa Beat. It was just wonderful. So you see, it is not just for little people, but for big people who want to forget that they are big people and think of themselves as fairies and elephants. You seemed to have added a couple of new things on to the site. It is a great site. I'd like to hear a little more of the music in the example, but it is great to hear what the song will sound like. As soon as I am able to, I am going to order the books and CDs.”

Glynis,4th year university student,Tasmania

“I have been surfing your site this evening- its so wonderful. I am really looking forward to the teaching dvd! My mind is already set on other things that i will be needing. i just want to see how its taught first- i may want more than expected! thank you for you patience and help” Kind regards-

Betty, school teacher, Germany

"I just wanted to let you know how much Kirsten's son Finn LOVES your CDs. At 14 months he knows them off by heart and anticipates what is coming next. He loves the jokes and the children laughing. He stands over near the CD player and dances to let us know he wants the music on (and this is all day long). He plays his instruments along with yours. He has about 6 CDs altogether but your 2 are his favourites. Of course Granmarg knows a lot of the songs so he probably catches my enthusiasm. Kirsten and I have sung to him since birth, one of us more in tune than the other!. I always knew you were a genius and it is so lovely to see the effect on one so young.

Marg Maguire, Victoria

"Dear Susie and Phil, What an OUTSTANDING performance you gave us last Wednesday, 17th March at the TBI Friendship Club.Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, to you both, and also to your friend Russ Castleman, who added the final touch! Words cannot express our extreme gratitude to you for the effort you put in to entertain our TBI Friendship Club Members.The comments after the show were only praise, for your superb concert. Once again, many thanks - it was BRILLIANT and we sincerely hope you will grace us with your presence again, some time next year"

Sandra Farber and Ron Aarons, TBI Friendship Club Entertainment Co-Ordinators

Phil's PHILosophy

Knowing how stressful life can be here are a couple of things to (hopefully) make you smile……

This just goes to show how clever kids really are......

TEACHER: Maria, go to the map and find North America .

MARIA: Here it is.

TEACHER: Correct. Now class, who discovered America ?

CLASS: Maria.


TEACHER: John, why are you doing your math multiplication on the floor?

JOHN: You told me to do it without using tables..


TEACHER: Glen, how do you spell 'crocodile'


TEACHER: No, that's wrong

GLENN: Maybe it is wrong, but you asked me how I spell it.

___________ _________________________________

TEACHER: Donald, what is the chemical formula for water?


TEACHER: What are you talking about?

DONALD: Yesterday you said it's H to O.


TEACHER: Winnie, name one important thing we have today that

We didn't have ten years ago.



TEACHER: Harold, what do you call a person who keeps on talking

When people are no longer interested?

HAROLD: A teacher


Now one for all you musos and I apologise that it happens to be about a female singer.....

Before the gig, the bandleader calls the female singer over to him and tells her,

"Tonight, when we do 'Night and Day,' I want you to sing the second verse first, and then break into the bridge one bar earlier than usual. Transpose the bridge up a minor third, but then back down again for the last three bars of it. Then add a 5/4 bar going back into the FIRST chorus, singing on only the off-beats. During the sax solo, go to the bridge a bar-and-a-HALF early, interrupting the solo, finish the first verse, go to the coda a bar late, and then keep singing for a full 3 beats after the band has ended."
Her eyes widen and she says, "That's nearly impossible, I can't do all that."

The bandleader says, "You did it last night!!”

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