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Dear John Smith, welcome to another music filled year and to those in the southern hemisphere welcome back to another school year - we know how excited you must be!!

In this edition of Musicnotes we look at what Susie and Phil have been up to and what's coming up including the launch of our foundation in April, a chance to join the 'Hearts in Harmony' community choir and a special award won by Susie. We also touch on the serious topic of water safety, which is always a big concern in Australia over the summer, Plus we have a FREE song download and FREE PLAYshop offer for our readers. Lastly we have Phil's PHILosophy where in this editon he looks at the power of laughter and music as well as....well, you'll just have to see it for yourself! So read on and enjoy.....

Yours in harmony,

Susie & Phil

Planning for 2012?

We would love to be involved in your planning and programs so please keep us in mind when planning your events for the future. We can offer a range of great services including:

  • Professional development 'PLAYshops'
  • Preschool classes
  • Music shows for preschool and primary
  • Family concerts
  • Choral days
  • Community Drum circles - for students, families and teachers
  • Artists in School programs - from one day to a whole term
  • 'MusiKeynote' presentations for seminars and conferences on a variety of topics including the popular 'I'm not stressed - I always look like this!' great for openings and closings, or as a great interactive and fun workshop

Composition of school songs..... and more....please contact us for further information.

A FREE song for you

Speaking of Facebook would you like a FREE download of one of our songs? Click here to go to our facebook page and you'll find 'Felix the Frog', from our 'AlphabetZ' album. Simply click on the "Video" tab on the left, click on FB LIKE FOR DOWNLOAD and the song will automatically download. Be sure and let us know what you think of it!

An award for Susie

ACU (Australian Catholic University)2011 Staff Award for Outstanding Community Engagement is awarded to “Hearts in Harmony”, Ms Susie Davies-Splitter, Music Lecturer, School of Education, Melbourne.

Ms Susie Davies-Splitter, Music Lecturer, School of Education, (Melbourne) through “Hearts in Harmony” has, through music, facilitated ongoing community engagement at a person to person level building happy and healthy communities, inclusive of all, through music.

Since 2010 Ms Davies-Splitter has worked tirelessly to develop and produce “Hearts in Harmony” community events and the “Hearts in Harmony” community choir.

The “Hearts in Harmony” program is an ACU initiative, partnering with Atherton Gardens, Independence Australia (a not-for-profit organisation that works with people with disabilities) and Abigroup Limited.

This award recognises her outstanding community engagement based on her love and sharing of music. The unique feature of her community engagement is her person-to-person engagements based on deep respect for the other’s dignity. Children, youth, ACU students, the elderly and people on the margins of our society all join together as a community in experiencing the joy of music which unlocks creative potential and brings hope for a better tomorrow for all.

“Hearts in Harmony” has built sustainable community capacity and social capital and has facilitated the building of happy, healthy and inclusive communities and Susie is to be commended for all her hard work.

'Hearts in Harmony' - Get involved!

Some of you may have experienced one of our 'Hearts in Harmony' community music days at ACU in Melbourne where we invite everyone and anyone to a day of musical experiences, from dancing and drumming, to singing and playing. We have now decided to start up a foundation based around this concept to 'build healthy and happy communities through music.' The Foundation launch will be at Federation Square in Melbourne on April 22nd and we are looking for patrons and sponsors, not just for the day but to get on board so we can continue bringing music to all communities.

And now for the clicks......

Please click here to view the flyer and/or contact Janie (janie@welcometomusic.net) if you'd like to know more or get involved.

Click here to see a beautiful photo montage of highlights from our Hearts in Harmony community day in Sept 2011, put together by our own wonderful Janie to the music of our song of the same name.

Then click here to watch a beautiful short video taken at our last community day created by one of Susie's international Chinese students at ACU, Winfred.

Winfred, Do you love to sing? We would also love some of you to join our community choir (no auditions necessary)......

The ‘Hearts in Harmony’ community choir is a social inclusion program that aims to recognize each unique voice.

We sing a range of songs from simple rounds to jazz and world music incorporating movement, actions, signing and improvisation. Led by Susie Davies-Splitter, members come from near and far including Africa, Pakistan, Torres Strait Islands and India. The philosophy is singing is for everyone so join in, have fun and de-stress.

Rehearsals start on Wed 22nd Feb at 125 Napier St, Fitzroy (part of the Atherton Gardens Estate) from 1-2pm each week. So come along and sing for the love of it with your hearts in harmony!

Click here to view the choir flyer and/or contact Janie (janie@welcometomusic.net) if you'd like to know more or get involved.

Early Childhood Music DVD`

Did you know we have an Early Childhood workshop DVD with songs, rhymes, dances, instruments and musical stories? Filmed in Singapore with 20 willing teachers this dynamic DVD, 'Welcome to Music in Early Childhood' will take you through a step by step instructional process for 15 of our original and exciting activities and then show them in full workshop mode so you can see them in action for yourself. It's just like having Susie and Phil in your own loungeroom! Plus a special 'Why Music' bonus where Susie shares her valuable insights on the importance of music education for young children. Click here to find out more.

Become a Facebook fan

We all know how big social networking has become, so we now have our own 'Welcome to Music' Facebook page as we want to make sure we are reaching as many people as possible with the joy of music. With videos of workshops, pics, what's coming up and more it's worth a look. Also you can comment (but do be nice!) or send us stuff that you think might be worth sharing. We look forward to seeing you there.

To check us out, comment and become a 'Welcome to Music' fan, click here.

Water Safety - a major concern!

If you are in Australia you would no doubt be aware of how many tragedies and near tragedies there are over the summer months on our beaches - people caught in Rips and/or swimming outside the flags.

Out of frustration and in wanting to do our bit to help educate our children, which we believe is where it must start, we are in the process of putting together a mini musical for Primary age called 'Penny's Plight', about a penguin who decides to go swimming outside the flags and gets herself into all sorts of trouble. It is written in a fun and humourous style so it will appeal to children BUT it also has a very important safety message. To read the synopsis click here.

At the same time Phil is working with a colleague who has connections with the Royal Lifesaving Association on a catchy song to go with a presentation aimed at children (and parents) about Rips. The song is called 'Go with the Flow' and the program is about educating children around what to do if caught in a Rip. The point being that it is not the Rip that is dangerous rather than when people panic; hence the message to 'Go with the Flow'. If you would like to know more about these important safety programs contact Phil at phil@welcometomusic.net.

What's been happening

Susie travelled to Perth in early January for the bi-ennial National Orff Conference - 'Voices of the Swan' where she presented and of course 'schmoozed' with lots of other musical folk from all around Australia and around the world.

Click here to see some pics of her hard at work!

Then it was straight back to Melbourne to present Orff level 1 at ACU with more than 60 willing participants. Susie shared the teaching with Dr.Carol Richards from Sydney and from all accounts it was very arduous (for presenters and participants alike) but successful 6 days.

We'll have some pics of all the fun had at the course in the next edition of Musicnotes

FREE PLAYshop opportunity

Would you like to attend a Welcome to Music PLAYshop for free? If you or someone you know is connected to an Early Learning Centre, Preschool or Kindergarten and would be willing to host a 90 min or 2 hour Welcome to Music workshop with Phil, they will receive 2 free registrations! (value $98) All Phil needs is a good space (preferably carpeted) with chairs and maybe tea and coffee facilities. These PLAYshops are a great opportunity for you and your staff to improve your skills - and they are a lot of fun and a great networking opportunity too!

This offer is also avaiiable for our interstate friends but we would need to allow for travel costs etc.

Phil is also available for regular music classes and/or a one off 'Funny Phil's Music Show' for your centre and we can offer full day PLAyshops and Artists in Schools programs. Please contact us if you are interested and would like to know more.

“We had a fantastic night with Phil's session - he was great fun, very motivating and he had all 35 of us up singing and dancing.” Jenny Donegan, Co-Ordinator, Family Day Care, City of Monash

Make a change - make a difference!

As well as being one half of 'Welcome to Music' Phil also works as the Franchise Development Manager for 'Mini Maestros'(www.minimaestros.com.au) who run fantastic educational music programs for young children, and his role is to help expand their franchise operations, not just in Melbourne, but interstate and even overseas. New franchise opportunities are available now so if you know anyone who is looking to make a change, is passionate about music and children, enjoys singing, dancing and having fun, and has an interest in nurturing children with experiences that will enhance their overall development, please ask them to contact Phil at phil@minimaestros.com.au

What people are saying

“I would just also like to say, your music classes have made my placement experience so worthwhile. There were many situations where the staff in my room asked me to run group time and sing songs with the children, and with my confidence levels already peaking from your classes, i found this task extremely easy and enjoyable. I was able to demonstrate new dance moves and introduce new songs to the children which they all loved. And therefore I would just like to say thankyou so much for commitment and drive to teach us such necessary and worthwhile techniques to employ in the classroom.”

Amelia Busby, ACU student

“And I just have to say Susie – that you and Phil are gurus to me! I think you both deserve Australian of the Year titles for all you have contributed to the cause of music in Australia (and beyond), and if it wasn’t for your entrepreneurial visions and production of your resources, our country would be a much poorer place. You have both contributed an amazing music legacy, and I know that the costs to do this are enormous and you deserve enormous thanks from us all.”

Lynne Pilbrow, Music educator, Canberra 9.11

Phil's PHILosophy

What is it about laughter that's contagious? Sometimes you just can't stop from smiling when you hear or see it. And when you combine it with music, well what can I say? The perfect combination! To have a look at how this powerful combination works (and to see what Susie and Phil might be doing in 20 years!) click here

And now.......THE NUDE MEN CLOCK - A must see! (Relax,it is NOT X-rated)

This is extremely clever and it does actually work in BOTH formats!!!! Digital and old fashioned analogue. And it's actually on YOUR

correct time. Click here to view this amazing clock!

By the way when you click anywhere ‪in the clock it becomes digital;another click and it returns to analogue. Definitely for people with too much time on their hands!!

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