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'Sing Me a Story' story books

Listen, read, sing, move, play instruments and improvise with our collection of story songs that are accessible for all young students (4-8 years).

Music is a powerful tool for learning. It can be used in teaching literacy and other curriculum areas and at the same time help foster creativity, self-esteem and confidence in all children. These stories can be extended to include reading and writing by expanding and developing the characters or creating new material, as well as developing mini musicals by including visual arts, textiles and design.

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AlphabetZ album art

A fun collection of alphabet songs with an animal character for each letter. Part of a literacy program written by Maureen Pollard. To find out more go to

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Beat Street!

Beat Street! album art

The latest edition to the Welcome to Music Early childhood series - Beat Street! is for children 3 to 10 and includes songs and stories about Dinosaurs, Aussie Rules footy and Pirates, plus dances, 'hello' songs and traditional songs from Israel, Africa and Torres Strait Islands. With opportunities to sing rounds, move, and play instruments this will be a welcome addition to your classroom music collection.

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Black Belt Ukulele 1

Black Belt Ukulele 1 album art

A unique developmental and sequential collection of classroom ukulele arrangements based on the Orff Schulwerk approach, this method follows a colour (‘Chroma-Notes) and shape system – where chords are represented with colours and shapes as adhesive stickers on the ukulele as well as on the printed page. Open strings are also represented with colours. This system enhances memory, speeds up the learning process and enhances music reading skills.

Including arrangements of world music pieces with songs in different languages, traditional songs and newly composed songs especially for the ukulele as well as some of Susie and Phil’s original and popular pieces and arrangements from the 'Welcome to Music' Series, all adapted and modified for ukulele in various styles including jazz, blues, Latin, gospel etc., the repertoire is applicable for all early childhood and primary school educators to use in their classrooms and to teach to 6-12 year olds.

This is more than just a ukulele tutor – it is a complete music education program which builds skills for life! Learning the ukulele has never been easier, more fun and accessible to all

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Black Belt Ukulele 2

Black Belt Ukulele 2 album art

The whole package comprises student book with chord stickers, coloured belts and audio app for songs; worksheet copy book with backing tracks and teacher's interactive multimedia program with all teaching notes and arrangements.Book Two: Begins with revision from book 1, introduces new chords (G7, G and D7) as well as further chord changes (C-F-G7; C-Am-F-G7; G-D7; G-C-D7). There are more strumming patterns and the introduction of scales (including the blues scale) to help further build skills in finger picking melodies and improvisation with ‘TIMR’ fingers. It also further explores world music in different languages as well as blues, jazz and gospel styles and a journey into ‘TAB’.
Music theory elements and solfa and handsigns are introduced as applicable, as well as the usual incorporation of group work, composition and ‘Orff arrangements’ including singing, actions, body percussion, movement, percussion instruments, drumming, recorder and Boomwhackers to enable ensemble work to take place with ease

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Black Belt Ukulele instruments & accessories

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Licensing Fees

Welcome to Music Licensing Fees

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Rainbows Trees & Tambourines

Rainbows Trees & Tambourines album art

'Rainbows, Trees and Tambourines' - The original album in the 'Welcome to Music' series by Susie and Phil - a great collection of original and interactive songs, dances, musical games and stories for children up to 8 years.

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Bop in the Bath

Bop in the Bath album art

'Bop in the Bath' - Another fun collection of original and interactive songs, dances, musical games and stories for children up to 8 years.

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Stop and Wait

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Funkey Monkey

Funkey Monkey album art

'Funkey Monkey' - A further collection of original and interactive songs, dances, musical games and stories for children up to 8 years.

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Razzamajazz album art

'Razzamajazz' - A stunning and jazzy collection of songs, dances and instrumental activities, musical games and stories for funky kids of all ages.

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Move It!

Move It! album art

'Move It !' - A further collection of original and interactive songs, dances, musical games and stories for children of all ages - with an emphasis on 'movement'.

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Boomerang Jam

Boomerang Jam album art

More jazzy songs for funky kids of all ages - with a fair dinkum Aussie flavour
A great collection of original songs, dances and instrumental activities, musical games and stories for funky kids of all ages.

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Sing Jam & Jive

Sing Jam & Jive album art

As the title suggests songs to sing to, play to and move to with a firm emphasis on improvisation. The triple CD includes a vocal CD, a 'Baktraks' CD, and a 'Gaptraks' and harmony tracks CD.

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The Power of You

The Power of You album art

'The Power of You' - The first album in the 'Choral/Positive Music' series of original and uplifting songs to motivate, energise and inspire and promote self-esteem and confidence.

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Anything is Possible

Anything is Possible album art

The second album in the Choral/Positive Music series of original and uplifting songs to motivate, energise and inspire and promote self-esteem and confidence.

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Take Orff with Recorder

Take Orff with Recorder album art

‘Take Orff with Recorder’ is a collection of classroom recorder arrangements based on the Orff Schulwerk approach. It includes original pieces from the ‘Welcome to Music’ series adapted and modified for recorder in various styles including jazz, blues, latin, reggae, calypso etc. All pieces have opportunities for recorder improvisation and can combine speech, body percussion, singing, movement, dance and percussion instruments. The repertoire is applicable for 8-12 year olds.
The teacher’s kit consists of 2 CDs – recorder/vocal CD, Baktraks CD and a teacher’s manual. The manual includes full percussion arrangements, guitar chords, lyrics and individual recorder and percussion scores for classroom use with photocopy permission. Various ‘Orff’ techniques are used such as imitation, echo, ostinato, canon and question and answer to help make learning the recorder easy, fun and accessible to all.

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Take Orff with Jazz

Take Orff with Jazz  album art

'Take Orff with Jazz' is a series of 3 CD's and teacher's manuals made up of activities collected from the "Welcome to Music" series. They are classroom jazz arrangements based on the Orff Schulwerk approach.Great value - purchase all 3 volumes for only $169!

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Your Stage

Your Stage album art

Your Stage is a specially designed program for inclusion and provides opportunities for each individual to shine.
It is based in music, providing energy, structure, and repetition and is consumer friendly. 'Your Stage' does not require the facilitator to have musical expertise.

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Value Packs & Collections

Value Packs & Collections album art

Save by ordering these great value packs and collections

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'Welcome to Music' Choral arrangements

'Welcome to Music' Choral arrangements album art

'Welcome to Music' Choral arrangements Exciting and original songs and styles for beginner to more advanced choirs and classroom singing - by Susie Davies-Splitter & Phil Splitter. Priced from $4.40 to $6.60

Simple techniques are used such as echo, repeated patterns (ostinato), rounds and verses sung against chorus to create immediate harmonies.

All songs can be sung in unison as well as parts.

Adds more interest and dynamics through opportunities for extension using simple actions, movement, signing, percussion accompaniments and improvisation.

Click here to view all our choral pieces

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Jon Madin Marimba Books/CDs

Jon Madin Marimba Books/CDs album art Jon is a renowned music educator and marimba expert who has written easy pieces for marimbas, xylophones and other instruments. All books have music and instructions with a CD.(other than 'Wacky Instruments')

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Shenanigans Dance music CD's

Shenanigans Dance music CD's album art A collection of fabulous dance music from around the world in varying styles

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'LIttle Learners Love Literacy'

Cds books etc on Literacy from Learning Logic

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Teaching aids -DVD's and props

Teaching aids -DVD's and props  album art

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Fun filled 2 act musicals for primary and secondary students. Comes with video of performance, director's script, song lyrics, song CD's and more! Please enquire for details

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Money Back Guarantee

Order with confidence with our 'Look and Listen' policy. You can purchase any of our resources and keep them for up to 14 days so you can have a look and a listen. Then you have the option of keeping them or returning them*

(*Some conditions apply - please contact us for details)


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