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WTM Licensed Organisations

Requirements to become a Welcome to Music (WtM) Early Childhood (EC) licensed training organization

The organization can include music schools, preschools, primary schools, home based programs, special needs programs, before and after school programs, summer schools and camps, community based centres or similar.

To initially commit to a minimum of 25 hours of face to face training (babies & tots, stage 1 and 2) with your staff.

To find out more about our Early Childhood training courses click here

In order for staff to become an accredited WtM trainer, they need to:

  • Have a good singing voice
  • Demonstrate an ability to play simple chords on a ukulele and accompany with songs
  • Play simple melodies on the descant recorder
  • Have a basic understanding of music
  • Have a love for young children
  • Relate and communicate well with adults and groups
  • Have an outgoing and bright personality
  • Demonstrate creativity through activity and lesson extensions
  • Be able to work independently, a quick learner, have a sense of responsibility, punctual and reliable.
  • Ideally have a background in early childhood and /or primary teaching or a music qualification. This is not essential

The next part of the training is to successfully complete the Orff Schulwerk level 1 training – 37 hours

An ongoing yearly fee is to be negotiated based on the number of staff who become WtM trainers.

Training Materials for WtM EC licensed organisations include:

  • Module 1 –an introductory eight lesson plans with extensions (that equates to the first term) for each age range 0-3 and 3-6 years (Stage 1)
  • Module 2 – a further and extended eight lesson plans with extensions for each age range (Stage 2)
  • Thematic Orff units for the 4-8 year olds (Stage 1 & 2)
  • Access to videos of many of the lessons on the WtM you tube channel and website
  • Knowledge about how to extend most activities over many lessons
  • Lyrics and teaching procedures for all activities
  • Reference to curriculum for all activities
  • Reference to teaching aids and equipment for all activities

Supporting documents include:

  • Music advocacy
  • Benefits of a music program for children and research
  • Understanding of the curriculum
  • Teaching tips and classroom management
  • Orff Schulwerk
  • Kodaly
  • How to build teacher confidence
  • And more!

Extra Training

Susie and Phil are able to offer the following extra training for staff

A further 25 hours face to face training (babies & tots extension, stages 3 and 4) and follow up support and online training for a second year.

Follow up ongoing support material and training

  • Modules 3 & 4 (that equate to terms 3 and 4) available for 0-3 and 3-8 age groups.
  • Access to music program updates
  • Free access to quarterly music education webinars
  • Attendance at a quarterly online meeting and training
  • Access to a private facebook group to post questions at any time
  • Discounts to buy the WtM resources, props, instruments and equipment at a greatly reduced rate

To find out more about our Early Childhood training courses click here


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